Friday 20 July 2012

The Three Horseshoes

Now, this isn't a good pub guide, but some things need to be said.  Whatever you're doing stop it!  Leave work/home or whatever and go to this pub.  Queue up for proper beer at a proper pub with a proper landlady.  Listen to live music and even sing along (everyone else does).  If you don't; these places won't exist anymore and it'll be all your fault.

By the way, we had a great time, a fantastic crowd giving us an almost record-size Princess Royal at the end.  Good to see Young Pete again edging back to full fitness.

I want to do it all again.  Now.


1 comment:

  1. Bloody hell AF, you're making me think life isn't all about drinking prosecco in the sun surrounded by beautiful ladies of the opposite sex. There is a pull which draws one back to warm ale in the rain served by a long-faced landlady surrounded by beery bearded morris wimmin.

    I need to re-evaluate my values.




    ps you have the job of blogmeister. It's more acceptable than being an estate agent's pimp. Re-evaluate your life :-)