Thursday, 25 October 2012

Meet the side


A fine dancer.  You'd never know it, but Elisabeth is one of our originals.  Having danced since the craddle, she's also one of our most experienced.  Our gain is certainly everyone else's loss as she's also one of our finest.  So there you have it.  Original, experienced and one of the best.  'nuff said.  Ah...she does sometimes fall over during Chalford Hill.  See, she's not perfect!

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Wimmin In Nympsfield

Yes, Nympys finest were out in force to see us last night.

Women In Nympsfield are a fine bunch of fillies who, rather than become part of the Womens Institute, have started their own group of Jam Makers (they're going to kill me for that comment!).

It's so odd that it was a) inside and b) dark, however such a marvelous floor that Young Pete was bounding around even more than usual!

After a good display, we grabbed them and made them join in.  Have to say, they did marvelously and would make some brilliant potential new members, although alas I fear that our loss is Zumba's gain on a Thursday evening.  We got nearly half way through Bobbin Joan and no-one had any bruises- result!

Marvelous tea and biscuits and a warm welcome.

What more could we ask for?