Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Next chance to see us

Look, I'm sorry, I haven't posted a blog for yonks!

Then, when I do, I want something!

Please, please, please come and see us, (look I'm grovelling now, if you could see me, you'd see a fool on his knees!)

Wednesday 17th July 2013

The Three Horseshoes, Frampton on Severn

8.00pm Morris Time

It's such a great pub with amazing beer.  Might be my favourite.

Meet the side

Ray we like to call him...


Ray has now been a professional Morris Dancer for over fifty years now.  His expert knowledge on all things "Morris" is vital to our traditions.

He came to us a couple of years ago, having danced many traditional styles over the years and we have gradually brought him over to our style, and actually he's rather good.

Favourite Colour:                 Blue
Favourite 80s Rock Band:    Saxon
Favourite Dance:                  Unsquare Dance
Favourite Beer:                     Timothy Taylor

When not dancing for us, Ray can also be seen dancing with a proper Morris side Icknield Way Morris Men  they do an awful lot of dancing and I really do recommend going to see them.  One day, I will!