Sunday, 1 July 2012

Dancing with Will

What a day, what a day indeed!  As London prepares for its 2012 Olympics, there was something altogether different going on at the other Stratford, you know, the one Upon Avon.

Yesterday was the Joint Open Morris Day of Dance held at the kind invitation of the RSC.  And alongside some fifty or sixty of the Country's best sides, we were there.

It was a full day of dance for us all, and we were not without our casualties.  Ole Pete got hit with a stick (sorry Pete), Elisabeth's ankle got badly twisted, the Musician got amnesia, the Apprentice Fool fell over and Jane bashed her own leg.  With that said, we danced like there was no tomorrow, with enthusiasm and no small amount of skill, indeed, both Jane and Elisabeth were highly complimented by the Head of the Morris Ring himself!  No small feat.  All of that and the finest Princess Royal to behold, dragging as many other sides as we could press-gang last count about thirty dancers!

Thanks to everyone who came along, danced, watched, contributed etc...

Of the other sides, most notable to me were Berkshire Bedlam, Outside Capering Crew and Old Meg, all of whom are well worth catching if you get the chance.


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  1. Ecky-thump, all of your feet on the floor at the same time.

    For your next challenge, one foot off the floor simultaneously.

    Upwards and onwards...